Scenery what I casually see, dim memory,

Almost forgot the sense of touch,

link, tangle, disentangle, and link again...

These are repeated everyday, but not same day I would like to represent.


Group Exhibitions

2018   「The people who gather in the back alley」 Gallery Sasaki Store (Osaka)
2018 「FACE 2018 Exhibition」 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art  (Tokyo)
2016 「Survey of depression Ⅱ」     O Gellery            (Tokyo)
2016 「 Wearable Art / Movable Art vol.4 - 」 Calo Gallery (Osaka)
2015 「Survey of depression 」      O Gellery            (Tokyo)
2015 「Survey of depression 」      2kwGallery /2kw58  (Osaka)
2006 「Brackish waters」                 O Gallery             (Tokyo)
2005 「something spin something weave」  osoblanco (Osaka) 
2004 「Challenging of Monochrome」 Gallery Den        (Osaka)
2003 「breath」                                 Gallery Haku      (Osaka) 
2001 「congress hall」                        Self So Art Gallery (Osaka)
1998 「Discharge of the light pulse 」  O Gellery           (Tokyo)
1997 「Painting:after the growth」     Bangaro             (Osaka)
1996 「Painterliness2」                       Gallery Haku    (Osaka)
1994 「Disciplining of Image」          Gallery Haku       (Osaka)
1990 「New Face」                           Gallery View       (Osaka)